Supply Sunday- Our newest weekly post


Supply Sunday is our newest weekly post, and my goal in bringing you guys this post every week is to get some attention called to the new and old training tools on the market that we are using at Elite Instinct K9 Training. Having been graced with a very diverse population of canines through my home over the last decade I’ve had years of experience with almost every training and playing tool on the market. Of course holding true to our training philosophy, what you use and your results ultimately depend on the dog you are training.

Our dogs in the canine copilot pack, as well as the dogs we train at EIK9T are versatile in many different disciplines. You can expect equipment review (in an informal fashion of course) on any of the following training sports……

Search and Rescue– This includes for trailing dogs, airscent dogs, cadaver only dogs, and even an occasional debris or rubble tool.

Plain old fashioned boring obedience for pet dogs– Do not underestimate the power of the simple things in life, with the simple dogs. Yes we have mostly working dogs in our pack but Anna and Frank have a job too, and that’s to love people and just  be dogs.

Obedience for the working dog– Obviously every dog is different no matter what, but the tools i use on my pet dogs and the tools i use on the working dogs are a world apart

Schutzhund– Including but not limited to the 3 aspects of the sport encompassing obedience, tracking, and protection.

Agility– The obsticles, the rewards, and everything in between. We have a full outside set up of agility equipment on the grounds used mostly year round.

And of course we cannot leave out health and wellness products, or general pet ownership items too!! If there is a product you would like EIK9T to test out and review please comment below or email us at

(c) Canine copilot tested and handler approved!

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