Times have changed, don’t stay stuck in the past

I get a lot of phone calls everyday, sometimes its easy, new puppy, owners want basic obedience class.

Some times its a nightmare. Dog has attacked and injured 3 people. Dog guards food, dog attacks other dogs.

They want answers, they want reassurance, they want the dog fixed before i even see him. I’m not a miracle worker, and i wont compromise my ethics either. I train dogs, i manipulate dog behavior to achieve a desired outcome, and I systemically desensitize dogs with issues. I rehab, i retrain, and i work with them to correct behavior, and i’m not talking about the dog most the time, i’m talking about the owner.

We live in a world were you don’t house train your dog by rubbing his nose in the pee, you don’t stop him from jumping on the counters by hitting him with a newspaper (all your teaching him then is that newspapers are bad) and you don’t get obedience by yanking the choke collar and lead till they sit.


I can’t tell you my way is faster, i can’t promise its the best, but i can ASSURE you that it will be based on mutual trust, respect and clear communication. I want a dog who enjoys being with me, I don’t want a dog who is scared of a newspaper. I want to invest time and energy in my relationship with my dogs, I don’t want a quick and dirty fix.

What do you want?


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