Wordless Wednesday


16 month old Soren working the helper


14 month old Soren working cadaver


K9 Soren and K9 Annecy hiking in Delaware County


K9 Raina on the set of her movie Late Phases


K9 Raina and I between scenes on set of Late Phases


K9 Abby and Puppy K9 Annecy receiving the AKC Grant for Eagle Valley SAR Dogs


v. Kugelblitz Kennels Annika 7 months working the helper


K9 Fortis playing ball

DSC_3767 (1)

K9 Abby playing after finding her subject


Terrific Tip Tuesday

This week’s 3T is a big one and something to keep in mind when working with your dog, working with clients and dogs if your a trainer yourself or even being in the vet, doggie day care, or dog walking industry.

Very often we get calls and emails for a multitude of issues, jumping, peeing in the house, biting the cat, biting people who walk by. The list could go on and on and on, and while i patiently listen to all the issues told, i quickly explain that these “issues” are just that, small parts of a large puzzle.

Many owners are confused when I explain yes, those issues will get fixed, however i am here to fix your relationship and your communication issues with your dog, because that is the root of the symptoms!


If you fix the basics, the symptoms are easily taken care of. A dog who once barked and bit people who walked by on the street no longer cares, a dog who couldn’t travel in a car because it broke the windows can now sit peacefully on a long car trip. Was the first thing we did get in the car and yell, scream, or feed cookies while driving?? Nope, we fixed the relationship first, instilling mutual respect, trust and clear communication….then we plugged away at clearly showing what behavior we want and what behavior we don’t want by communicating to the dog effectively in a language he understands.

Keep this in mind when looking at your dogs “issues” and look for a big picture! Call us for a fee phone consult today!


~No I do not Whisper, I Translate.

Supply Sunday


This weeks supply Sunday is a bit of my own invention that i use in the summer months.

Picked these up a few years ago, just a couple bucks each they are “cooling boards” that you freeze and use to keep food cold at picnics……or dogs cool in crates! I take 2 or 3 and place inside the zippered mat in part of there crate, so they can lay on it and cool down. Much less expensive and easier to use then the $40 cooling mats (which i also own and are not as good as this)


Get a few, you can find them online, at walmart or christmas tree shop. Let me know how you like it!







vom Kugelblitz Dogs clean house!

Last weekend under German Judge Babl we had a very  busy weekend trialing a total of 3 dogs plus! I am beyond pleased to announce

Raina achieved her IPO1 with High IPO1 and High Protection

Soren achieved his IPO2 with High Obedience

Annecy achieved her BH

and Annecy and Diva both achieved there AD

All dogs did amazing, i am still recovering, and i am very proud of my dogs. All dogs are HOT trained. 20150411_113745 20150411_113854 20150411_113033

Terrific Tip Tuesday

This weeks TTT can be applied to everyone and anyone, regardless of age of handler, dog, breed ect.


I swear, these two words i repeat hundreds times to my clients but it is one of the most important tips i can EVER give. If you do not maintain consistency when training, how is your dog going to know what is right, what is wrong, and what to do?

As humans we can understand that events, items, relationships ect are related or interconnect to each other. We can reason, plan ahead and think. Dogs understand the here and now, they understand what is rewarded and what is corrected, and they understand what you have taught them. Sit means sit, “come over here and stop that” may also mean sit to a human, but it doesn’t mean anything to your dog! Keep it black and white and consistent, your dog will thank you for it!


Supply Sunday

This weeks supply sunday may not be a “dog” product per se but man it makes life walking dogs easier!!


As a SAR K9  handler i have these helpful little head lamps all over, but honestly what i use them for the most day to day (when not running blindly in the woods at night behind Raina at 50 MPH.) is walking and training the dogs outside.

Just imagine your trying to leash train/potty train your pup, its dark you have treats in your pocket, a leash, its raining, hes pulling, your flashlight slips, it gets wet, you can’t get treats out you get frustrated and what happens?? Poor fluffy gets  yanked around trying to fumble to find everything in the rain again.

20150410_071515 20150410_071456

Free up a hand! Loop the leash on your wrist and now BAM your ready to treat and train!

We own a few Petzl brands and they are great, but you can also pick up less expensive options such as energizer and the like at your local home depot or hop on to campmor.com and see what they have on sale i’ve found some awesome ones for 5 bucks!!


Good luck and happy shopping!

Reactive dogs- Every owners nightmare


8 out of 10 of my emails/calls regarding dog training revolves around re-activity of the dog towards either people, other dogs, or even inanimate objects.

So why are dog owners training in re-activity so often now??? (and yes do not pretend it just “magically happened”. we train crap into our dogs all the time we do not want. This is why i try to hammer in the point that you are ALWAYS reinforcing and training something when you are with your dog)

A big part of the reactive dog is a lack of time and patience.  EVERYTHING now a days are done with shortcuts, in a time crunch, and with little forethought.  This equals disaster when paired with owning a dog.

So how do you get a reactive dog under control?

Show him what you want!!!

I swear its as simple as establishing a relationship with respect (no this does not mean dominant the dog……..) reward the desired behavior, take it on the road and proof it all over so it generalizes, and communicate to the dog when he has done the wrong behavior when he should be offering the correct one. Time lapse with a GOOD knowledgeable trainer is anywhere from 4 weeks to 8 months.

All my knew clients with reactive dogs start out with focus exercises, connection exercises and self control exercises. If you don’t have a relationship with your dog, and you don’t have respect, how can you communicate effectively?

Next week we will talk about focus exercises and how to start them at home.

Please contact us today if you need help with your reactive pooch, the longer you wait the longer the process to get the relationship established and behaviors fixed. Call us now 1-856-624-3459