Supply Sunday

This weeks supply sunday may not be a “dog” product per se but man it makes life walking dogs easier!!


As a SAR K9  handler i have these helpful little head lamps all over, but honestly what i use them for the most day to day (when not running blindly in the woods at night behind Raina at 50 MPH.) is walking and training the dogs outside.

Just imagine your trying to leash train/potty train your pup, its dark you have treats in your pocket, a leash, its raining, hes pulling, your flashlight slips, it gets wet, you can’t get treats out you get frustrated and what happens?? Poor fluffy gets  yanked around trying to fumble to find everything in the rain again.

20150410_071515 20150410_071456

Free up a hand! Loop the leash on your wrist and now BAM your ready to treat and train!

We own a few Petzl brands and they are great, but you can also pick up less expensive options such as energizer and the like at your local home depot or hop on to and see what they have on sale i’ve found some awesome ones for 5 bucks!!


Good luck and happy shopping!

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