A little of this a little of that

The weekend was busy and the girls didn’t get work everyday like they are used to. Snoopy had surgery on friday and came through it like a champ. He is recovering and doing well. This old man won’t have to worry about any more surgery for a LONG time to come.

Saturday kendal and I headed down to work with a few clients and to get her service dog “test” completed. She passed with flying colors and is just a true testament to what a rescue dog can turn into. She also spent the weekend as Life Long Tails donation dog raising money and raising awareness to what it is we do for helpless animals!!

YAY Kendal!!!












Sunday the girls finally got there day. Kara and Mika jumped in the car and we headed down to the school for some work for the girls and some good dog teaching for the kids.   The kids had built a snow cave last week and we were able to get Mika and Eme on the first snow cave ever!  Eme did amazing, worked the scent out great, stayed committed, and crawled all the way into the cave to find her subject. We worked on her recall, indication and refind with the snow cave as it gave a different scent picture and environment which always challenges the puppies!


My butts sticking out of the cave!!










She worked a total of almost an hour and still had to play ball all the way back to the truck with the boys.  We got our excercise in walking in snow shoes the whole time!!! It was better then falling 2 feet deep into the snow drifts though!

Off to work we go!











Of course Raina needs her time too and she wow’d us all with how well she works!!! She knows her job and she knows when its about to start. I just introduced her vest in and she gets so excited to get dressed.

back talk to mom!













Raina has been lucky enough to get the perfect flawless training method where mom makes no mistakes (yet) and she has yet to have a big hang up. I know its coming, shes only 4 months old, but her nose work is natural and amazing, and her refind and indication to me is phenomenal. Of course shes pretty crazy too!!

mom mom mom i know where he is!!! mom mom mom!!!












The day was a good one. Mr felix blue the newest shepherd that we took in was introduced to cadaver and we did a few short runaways with him as well. He loves food, and loves to play ball, and loves to search!!!

Hello working world!!!

2 thoughts on “A little of this a little of that

  1. I like the name Felix Blue. I do like the old spelling of Bleu better. It’s more unique! I miss him dearly! My friend wanted a german shepherd. She was unable to keep it.I just had a new tenant so I gave him to him. After he moved he was unable to keep him so I took him back since we became so atatched. Due to my allergy’s with him living in my space became unbearable. He is very intelligent so I wanted him to be put to good use! God is good since the avenue we preceeded lead us to you. I’m glad to see he has started his training! I pray that this is what he will ENJOY and be successfull at. If there are any visitation rights, I would appreciate the opurtunity! I pray and miss him every day! To me he is absoulutly beautifull, spirit as well as behavior and of course looks! If there is anything that he needs to continue his journey at any point let me know! God bless you all and him and please keep me updated and in touch. All My Love, Sally Adams

    • OH no i thought you said it was spelled blue!! We will change it back!!! Thank you for letting me know. Sally he is doing WONDERFUL. He is going to be out saving lives in less then a year he is doing so good at his training. He loves it so much you should see him smile when he gets his vest on to start working. Don’t worry we will get lots of pictures and videos up and of course their are visitation rights. He is wonderful and Kara is a perfect handler for him they are great together. It was a perfect match and nothing but fate could have done this thank you so much!

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