I think i’m sore!!

Another good weekend done, and boy did this one leave us sore. We headed down to Tech city again in Kingston to work some building stuff. The snow that melted re froze as ice and it is rough out in the woods for the pups paws! The building work was great, it gives a good tight area to work quick refinds and some really weird scent pictures.   I was able to run all the “pups” and younger dogs multiple times on problems of varying length depending on their skill level. The girls blew me away like usual. Eme worked some longer hard blind problems and even with other dogs off leash distracting her work still came back and indicated like she should.

Raina off working the scent

Raina did some great blind problems and it was amazing to watch  her work the scent.  She worked it perfectly with no bad habits in place, you could really tell where the scent was being carried and where it wasn’t.  She had some great head pops into rooms and even the stairwell the subject was in.

I got my toy

One of the hardest problems of the day was up on the 4th floor which was essentially the roof. Due to the nature of the building as an old IBM plant the huge cooling fans and big metal fan rooms where a perfect creepy place to train the dogs. Eme worked a great blind problem up there and after climbing 4 huge flights of stairs (perfectly with no hesitation, mom on the other hand had some burning legs!) she was unfazed by the huge metal air ducts she had to search and the bomb shelter like rooms! Once she found the subject she gave a few whines before actually jumping into the airduct but then did a perfect refind, with her machine gun bark!

Dark dark room

It was also mr felix bleu’s first time doing building work and he did great. The boy was knocking down doors to get to his subject and we even incorporated a recall back to Kara during this training. From here on out his find will now end at kara after he has found his subject.  She is working on his bark indication and we should be able to put that in pretty quickly. An amazing boy that felix bleu!

I LOVE my ball!!!

It was a great day and the dogs love the building work.  Thank you tech city and we will be back!!!!

Tech City Kingston NY

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