Family time

Waking up to half a foot of snow at 5:45am i was torn to whether it was going to be a good day or a bad day. My focus this morning was getting some work done around the house, updating some logs, trying to stay off my sore knee and then taking to the backyard for some pictures of the pups. What may be our last big snow fall was enjoyed thoroughly by my canine companions.






















We really do love winter, the snow is great, the lack of mud is even better, and its a different experience to get out there and train your dog in the winter.  The chihuahua’s could do without the cold weather and the snow up past their little heads but the big dogs are pretty good at giving them worn down paths all around the back yard. We spend just as much time outside in the winter as we do in the summer and the change of seasons is always a relief.  Thank you 2011 for a fun winter experience, here is to a nice dry mild temperature summer!!!!!

Strike a pose

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