Weekend wonderland

Snow, cold temperature, and wind………..it’s defiantly still winter!! The girls didn’t care they were just happy to have some good training days ahead of them. Friday we headed to Hancock to work with the dog corp boys and get both girls some quick working problems.

My girls














Eme did great, the snow was over my knees but she plowed through like a champ and got her subject.  It would have been a good refind too if mom hadn’t walked into a pricker bush and poked her eye!!! Ohhh well it was still great!

Finally done working











Saturday we moved on to building training in Vestal at an hold veterinary hospital.  The girls both did amazing especially after the day down at kingston getting in building work. Eme’s most challenging problem was Kara up in the attic. She had never done an up high building before and it was great for her to learn the scent picture.

Working the person in the attick










Raina got some good problems in and her recall and indication is perfect right now. She is so smart and so drivey she just wants to work 24/7



We also added felix blue to the group on saturday and have already begun his training. Felix is a wonderful stable nerved german shepherd. You can see him and Eme at Kara’s house hanging out!!

Felix blue!!


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