day to day fun

My posts normally occur after my weekend of working dogs but while trying to kill time before training starts i figured i would give an update on the rest of the canine co pilot pack.


Everyone seems to be doing well, even with the cold temperatures lately and the crazy amount of snow and ice.  Our day to day training and fun includes obedience outside and inside, group downs and stays, and Simon says games. Kendal has been working on her obedience so that i can get her tested for her PAT (public access test) and then once she is my service dog move her into certification for therapy dog as well. While Kendal tries to just be a funny clown of the house she has a serious working side as well and knows when she is out with mom she needs to be in tune and responsible at all times.

hum the world seems different from this view!










As a Life Long Tails rescue Kendal is the perfect picture of what a rescue dog can achieve if given the appropriate training, time, and owner.  Kendal is also Life Long Tails donation dog and canine mascot.

Shepherds playing in the snow in the backyard

Unlike so many trainers out there our dogs love training time. It is not a time when they get thrown on the ground, alpha rolled, beaten, yelled at, or dominated. It is a time when we get to have fun together, learn together, and communicate in a revolutionary  new way. This is what ensures the ultimate relationship, amazing obedience, and a bond that never dies.

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