And so it Rainas or snowas at least

Well last night Ms Raina Uptown Girl Vom Französisch Wald came home to stay.

She is well, perfect. The pack loves her and Snoopy only drooled for a few minutes haha.  She settled down for the night and we were up bright and early this morning. We had company all day in and out and she did great meeting everyone. No accidents and a great healthy appetite showed the transition was just fine by her. She spent the afternoon inside with her daddy watching football.

Sleeping upside on her back in daddy's arms

The temperature makes it hard for us to take any hikes so we just did a few outside potty trips and a little tug. Then after dinner was over i taught her to fetch in well about 2 minutes. Smart huh?

i'm gonna get you you damn ball!

While raising another puppy is a lot of work, especially when you have 10 at home to care for and provide to its totally worth it. Raina is a once and a lifetime dog and she is going to be an amazing search dog.  It will be a different experience raising a working dog in the winter as i’ve always done it in the spring or summer months. I think we will have to wait a few more weeks till she gets bigger to hit the hills and woods but may  hit the local stores and work on obedience, desensitization, and socialization.

A face to die for

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