The Pack Mentality

Many people often give me incredulous stares when i indulge that I have 11 dogs. I guess i expect it, an odd number is never where to stop 🙂        The difference between me and anyone else i have met with a good number of canines (a good number being over 4 or 5) is that my dogs are all companions, they do not live in kennels, runs, outdoor buildings or anything of that sort. Everyone lives in the house with my husband, I, and the Molucaan Cockatoo (which is a whole other post)

The dogs are our family and are expected to live as a unified pack which gets along, shares, coexists, and respects each other. When you have dogs from 80 pounds to 6 pounds 6 female and 5 male this could be quite a challenge, but its not. All dogs respect me and look towards me as their leader. I did not achieve this by beating them, or alpha rolling them, or screaming at them till they coward at my feet. I taught them the FOUNDATION of our relationship and i made sure i could COMMUNICATE clearly to them. I kept it CONSISTENT day to day and canine to canine and in the end i was rewarded with mutual RESPECT.

Just owning dogs are great, i see families, couples, and single people “own” dogs all the time. What i want and what i help people provide is the ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP where you and your dogs have the correct tools to help them lead a balanced life.

It isn’t just about living, its about living balanced. And every dog deserves that.

We will get more into what “balanced” is in the next post!

Eme asleep, yes asleep in my shoe.

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