A white Eme

Sunday was a nice relaxing training day for Eme. She is adjusting well to her new sister and loves to play and show her how pack life works here at Elite Instinct Canine training. Some friends came over and with the new snow fall they wanted to go get some pictures out and about. I knew Eme could use a solo hike where all attention could just be on her. Of course we never miss an opportunity to train and we worked on her recall, her find it command, and her giblaut (speak in german) Eme is trained in both english in german though only german commands are used while working. The main reason for this is so while working in public she will not be distracted by other people issuing commands.

Jeff and Jessica took some amazing photos of my girl up in the snow. As an all black shepherd (and the first all black shepherd i have ever had) she stands out in the snow!!!!

Eme in the snow

At 9 months eme is doing a little “terrible two’s” challenging right now.  Her commands where re practiced in less distractions to re build them back up and then we added the distractions again. It seems to have worked well and we get a response on the first command even under high distractions for her basic obedience commands.


My amazing eme surprises me everday with her talent in searching, her ability to read me and anticipate my moves and dedication to anything i ask of her. The last 7 months have been a learning experience for both of us.  We have achieved a great balance and working relationship and i know it gets stronger everyday.

Eme after her find

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