Imprint we go

Saturday was a great training day at Rita’s in French Woods NY. The girls had so much fun playing and working. Raina got to see her  brother and mom after her first week without them. She also got her first imprint on Cadaver which she amazed me at. Not only is her focus amazing but her nose and work ability is already in place at 9 weeks old!!

My ears are up!!

Eme worked a problem with two subjects, it was short and sweet and we made sure her refind and alert occurred correctly and quickly. She was a little confused why there was two people but she worked through it and like a superb working dog cataloged what happened and will not hesitate again now!

Her perfect stay after working and playing

We also worked 3 HRD problems with scent pools that were close to each other. She did a great job finding all three and mom did an ok job rewarding her at the source while she was looking right at it. Hopefully the start of next year she will have her platz indication in place.

Raina gave me some natural behaviors and i will have to see what comes out for her cadaver indication.

OOOooo i think my nose knows!!!


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