Franky’s big adventure

Frank made his debut kayak trip last month and a week later got a follow up with the seniors from the school. I don’t think i have ever seen a pug take to the water like this guy!

Franky watching the world go by


He was so excited he jumped into the kayak on his own!!! Most of the time he just soaked up the sun and enjoyed the cool breeze.

King of the world!


Frank is a wonderful dog, he has overcome many issues since he first entered the pack 3 years ago. He is trusting and confident now, he knows i will not put him in harms way and that he is safe and secure in everything he does. He surprised me many times on this kayak trip when he waded out chest deep in the water himself to swim, this is the same pup who walked into the deep end of a pool years ago and wouldn’t go near water.  The german girls helped him a lot over the last few summers desensitizing and showing him that water was ok. The power of social learning!

Frank watching the kids ahead