Bark the same language

Speaking the language of another species is not easy, far from it. We were born with a spoken language why would we use something else? What people fail to see is we were also born with a body, and that demands much more respect than words.


Every interaction you have with a dog you use your body, either good or bad. In order to have the best communication and best relationship with your dog you have to understand what your body means and how to use it.


Words and tones make up some of our canine communication but save it for special times, times you need the dog to really listen or acknowledge you and your existence. When you work obedience or have a training session make sure your upbeat and have a happy high pitch voice, this is what dogs like and believe me their is a huge difference in the dogs behavior depending on your tone!


Remember trained dogs are happy dogs and make happy owners.


DOGS ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS THEIR OWNERS TRAIN THEM TO BE!!!!        So be proud of your dogs!!!!!