Better then a bird

Training the dogs is great, its a mental and physical release, whether its my own kids, or a training class or private session. The focus, the dedication and the overall joy of having that connection allow me to leave this world and enter another, one with just me and the canine. I can really step back and view him or her they way they should be, as a dog.

Anyone who knows me knows that i am a talker, and i am not afraid to say anything!  This allows me to talk through what the dog is thinking, and why it is behaving how it is, and really explain what i see to clients. This clear communication is part of our foundation at Elite Instinct Canine.


The girls love a good training, whether its just basic obedience or their favorite search and rescue missions! The other kids really love just polishing up on some obedience and getting a few trips out to the dog park.


Either way its spring and soon will be summer the dogs are happy and i gotta go out and find a pool!!!


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