One week left

Next week our newest pack member will be coming home. Ms Raina Uptown Girl Com Franzosisch. I have had the privilege to watch Raina grow up over the last 2 months and mature into a wonderful German Shepherd pup. At 4 weeks old she was the first female pup to jump off the side of the porch into the unknown. She has the hardest bite drawing blood from at least one person so far. She loves to play tug, likes to sleep on her back, and enjoys play fighting with her brothers and sisters. She is calm and confident, she believes in herself and enjoys exploring any new world she is in. She is going to be a wonderful search dog.  She is a lover, but do not get me wrong she is also a fighter. We cannot wait to see how she meshes into the pack, and how she develops her own personality.

Raina Uptown Girl Vom Französisch Wald

Raina will be a tough girl, and i hope that she and Eme keep each other on their toes.  While i was excited to be out of the puppy stage (eme is just about 9 months) i know it is well worth going through it again. Raina and Eme are half sisters, they have the same father just different mother. Raina’s mother is also a certified NYS Federation search and rescue dog for airscent and Cadaver. She is also certified through IPWDA International Police Working Dog Assocication and STPWD Southern Tier Police Working Dog for Cadaver.  This is a repeat breeding, the first litter is 2 and a half now and 3 of the pups are certified search dogs 3 went to law enforcement homes and the other in a pet home.  Raina has amazing genetics and is going to be a great working dog. Keep an eye on her accomplishments!

Raina 5 days old

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