Thanksgiving is a time for

Remembering everything you have and appreciating it to the fullest. Life can go any number of ways and we must embrace who and what we have in our lives and never forgot how quick it can be taken away from us.


While i don’t have much real family close to me i have good friends, coworkers, teammates, husband, and my amazing pack of dogs.  I have wonderful family i get to see a few times a year and i appreciate every moment with them.  I am so thankful and happy for the roles that everyone play in my life, I would not be me without each of them. Happy thanksgiving and here is to a great holiday season.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving is a time for

  1. Hey Jen….
    I just found your blog and YOU amaze me! I so wish we lived closer ’cause I can tell that I would LOVE to be part of your life…. Love and hugs, Trish

    • i miss you so much!!! i’m so happy you are doing good, and i promise if i am ever in the texas area i will let you know, and you do the same if you are going to come to NY!!! Thanks for reading the blog!

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