Busy weekend

Friday brought a trip down to Rita’s to see the puppies and have kevin meet them for the first time.  5 weeks old and counting and they are irresistible!  Playing non stop and being crazy is what they do. My favorite Yellow girl cuddled up and dragged toys over to me all night long. She really is making me fall in love with her! She is very drivey, has a great bite, and loves to play tug.

Future culver canine copilot pack member??

Yellow girl or “Mustang Sally” as her nick name has been since birth is a sweetheart and on the top of my favorite list. Of course i do also love pink girl or “Diva” as she was the pup who was delivered dry, i had to pull out and give mouth to mouth to.

Diva girl

And of course the favorite boy in the group is green boy or “Bear” who kevin loves because of his huge fluffy coat and stoner personality!!

Bear the stoner!

The following day i traveled down to Long Island, howard beach to be exact to help my team Eagle Valley Search Dogs look for a missing man in a creepy 80 acre preserve in his neighborhood.  After getting lost in harlem i finally made it over all the stupid bridges and to LI. Stepping over humane feces, animal heads from sacrifices, shoes, glass, stolen atv’s and burned out jeep cherokee’s in the ocean we personally covered almost 7 miles through bamboo reeds over 10 feet high. The worst part was the one clearing under a bunch of dead trees that had duck tape and rope constructions of a swing, chair, and bed and a huge deep hole in the middle with a shovel sticking out. I think we argued over who was going to look into the hole first hoping there wasn’t a body in it! Of course it was just a creepy hole, with old glass bottles all over dug up and a chest full of bones.


Moral of the post…………stay outta long island.

2 thoughts on “Busy weekend

  1. first of all my upstate girlfriend it was Queens not Long Island> queens is a borough of New York City. Long Island doesen’t have that many sacrafices yet.

    love you’

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