Play time in the cool

Eme and i took to the paths this afternoon with some treats and a water wubba. We practiced some obedience, particularly her sit, stay and down. We played tug of war and fetch with her wubba and i hid it on her a few times to get her some nose work. She has come such a long way over the past few months. Her search skills are amazing, this weekend at Karens we did a night problem. The air was calm and cool and not much wind. About 5 minutes into the problem eme takes off and I know she has scent. She is so easy to read when she is working live as she will not leave my eye sight unless she has scent. Sure enough a minute later the radio beeped and Bob had been found. Eme was hundreds of feet away from me, in the dark, through thick  brush with little wind. AMAZING!!!

We are working on her refind and she is doing well. I call her back, ask her for a bark and she takes off like a rocket back to the subject, she is getting the picture and she is only 8 months old.

On another note a quick visit friday to Rita’s brought about some new puppy pictures! Not sure which one will be mine but they are all cute. Just 4 weeks old and irresistible!!

Sleeping puppies











First trip outside!!!

Rip and pups outside!











As for me, well this weekend was tough. I took my DEC Crew Boss class and sunday proved to be a difficult test of my navigation. I was given a map and 4 instructions of various points i needed to find, navigate to document my success. All i had was the map, a compass and my feet. No food, no water and 4 miles of catskill mountains i have never been in.  Hours later i completed my assignment, found my points and passed my class!!!! I’m certified now as a Crew Boss and can lead a crew of men and women at searches freeing up DEC Forest Rangers to help the search in other ways.  I was proud of my navigation and my ability to stay calm while “lost” in the woods. I have come a long way myself in the last 2 years since i joined SAR and i cannot wait to see what the next 2 years bring!

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