Disaster Seminar

The weekend of October 24th Amigo SAR dogs hosted a disaster seminar in Warren Center PA with FEMA K9 handler and instructor Theresa MacPherson. It was a wonderful introduction to a rubble pile and bark barrel which Eme had never been trained on! She learned to do a bark and hold at a subject and we still worked her refind in wilderness and got some great ones in!



We are working the go out here which eme picked up quick having never done it!







The weekend was wonderful and we had 13 dogs from 3 different teams around NY, PA and NJ.  The focus all week was getting the dogs on different footing, elevated platforms, and over unstable surfaces.  Obedience and some plain old wildnerness work tied it all together.


Bark Barrell

Bark Barrell

Eme working her first bark barrell. She caught on quick and loved the game.








While i’m not sure i have time or Eme would really enjoy rubble work it was nice to get an idea of what its like, work with a FEMA instructor and maybe in a few years when i’ve caught up i can get on the local task force!

All in all we had a great time like always training to save lives. What else would i ever want to do on my weekends??


Me and my girl

After the weekend was over we helped pick up and took the dogs out for a hike and let them swim in the pond. Eme put what she learned to good use when we hit the quarry to exercise the dogs.


Found her own pile

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