First snow fall walk

Its wednesday, and nothing like a night walk in the woods after the first snow fall. Now we only had a dusting but up on our elevation it was enough to cover the ground. After a 12 hour shift at work my favorite thing to do is come home and walk the dogs and spend the evening in front of the fire on the couch reading a good book surrounded by soft fur and light panting of the dogs.

Walking my english bulldog Valentine is necessary daily to help build the muscle in her leg. The end of june brought her cruciate surgery and its been a long road to recovery from there. We try to do 1 to 3 miles a day and lately we have been taking Emeline with us. Its great for Val to get some canine interaction (shes leashed of course can’t have her stress her leg to much) and as usual my working shepherd is always ready for a hike in the woods.

Tonight was peaceful. The moon was hidden by clouds, the light from my flashlight reflected off the snow and emeline pranced around exploring the newly fallen snow. I took notice to the many trees that had fallen during the last two days wind storms and watched Valentine jump over them fairly easily. Its been a long 5 months.

I love my life, i wouldn’t have it any other way. All day i get to meet new owners and new dogs, learn new stories, rejoice at healing animals and cry when others must pass. Then i get to come home to the comfort of my pack, 10 dogs in all who love me, and I them. Sure its tough and a lot of work as each needs  his or her own time, plus our pack training time but i really couldn’t imagine life without them all. We each have a special relationship, a special connection and understanding.

As i type this each is in their most predictable spot in the house awaiting my next movement or command. Theirs eyes filled with love and hope and nothing but living in the moment. I am inspired everyday and vow to be just like my canines and live in the moment. Thank you

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