Supply Sunday- Wing a Ball

This weeks supply sunday post features a little toy we plan on stocking up on prior to our “A” litter

The Booda ball (called wing a ball) comes in 3 different sizes, featured here is the smallest, which we use with puppies and small breed dogs. (Kaze LOVES this thing!)


The nice thing about the wing a ball is that its soft for puppy teeth, and really imprints the ball on a string concept for obedience, searching, or whatever your doggies job might be. While not for the adult GSD or Mali (we usually move the working dogs off these once teething has been completed and the reward system has been instilled) it holds up excellent to numerous pups and small dogs, and we have yet to replace any of ours!


Soren practicing self control

Supply Sunday- The Kong Wobbler

Today’s supply Sunday post is a the quick and easy way to wear your dog out and feed him dinner………..

The Kong Wobbler

The Wobbler

The Wobbler

The beauty of this $16 toy is that you can easy dump your dogs breakfast and dinner (if kibble fed) into it and Voila you have a mind amusement for 20 minutes. If they are anything like my dogs, after a few weeks it widdles down to 5 minutes but still a wonderful way to amuse them.

It also simulates the “hunt” for food which any dog enjoys.

Dishwasher safe!!!

The only slight downfall is after about a year of use the place where the toy meets can get worn down (it has threads) and may need to be replaced.

You can buy it online, at petsmart, or most any local pet store. I suggest all owners start to feed their dogs in this as part of my training program.

4.5 paws out of 5