We found love in a hopeless place

“Without them you feel like nothing, you feel hopeless like nothing can ever save you.”

Sometimes a hopeless place doesn’t look to bad at first, sometimes it has a nice shiny cover on it and you can’t even tell its a hopeless place at all. I think you learn that it was a hopeless place after you have been saved, once you have moved on. Dogs help you move on, i think it must be there knack for living in the present. See dogs do not dwell on the past, nor do they try to guess the future, all they want is the here and now. We could learn a few lessons from them…………

Relaxing tuesday

Best friends


The girls have been hard at work these past few months so we took today off and just relaxed. The shepherds and the pug and I hit the trails and took a nice hike in the fall sun. As usual i had the camera, just can’t miss a moment to capture them in nature!

Which one of these doesn't belong??


They loved running through the leaves and chasing each other all over. Fugly didn’t get picked on to much which was good, its not his fault hes the smallest!



Run guys run!


The day finished out with a 2 mile run with the girls and then we picked up Otto from Kara’s house to come stay with us for awhile. The pack was pretty happy to see him!