Meet the newest member of our pack



Charchen’s Mama’s Broken Heart (call name Frannie)  arrived on Tuesday December 17th and the pack welcomed her with open arms. Born October 11th (the day after Raina) this little 9 week old spit fire walked into a house with multiple German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and more and acted like she owned the place. Her future here at EIK9 holds a bit of a double duty, not only will she continue in her mother and fathers footsteps and become a champion in the AKC ring but she will also be working as a therapy dog alongside Kaze and Franky. Her personality is perfect, and she really does hold true to the statement that therapy dogs are born and not made. Having already met over 100 people this sweet angelic little girl has a kiss and tail wag for every person she meets and every dog she sees. A true respectable breeder in the pug world shows it makes all the difference to do your research and purchase a dog responsibly, if not go rescue, doggies like Anna, Franky, Kaze, and Mia thank you for it!!

frannie 2

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