All in a days work

Part of my job with my K9 partners is to search for runaway students from the school i work at teaching dog training, The Family Foundation School. Monday morning comes and I’m minding my business getting my lesson plan for the week together when i see a girl take off running. K9 Abby and I deploy with two flankers and get a direction of travel. She has a good head start on us and as the only K9 team out we make a search plan up as we go.  Checking frequent travel routes by runaways we pop out 4 miles later and get back to the school for a break and some food. Next we harness up K9 Raina and redeploy covering another 5 miles of potential land.

Raina with PA and the Delaware river behind her

Tuesday morning brings us back out again, this time covering another 4 miles with some beautiful views of NY and PA, some great quarries, and some hot weather. The girls did fantastic working tirelessly for hours and each got closure wednesday morning when they got to meet there subject after she was returned to the school. Unfortunately she has no idea where she went, but Abby gave us a pretty good picture.

Raina working the quarry


We gave the girls their “paychecks”  by giving them a short easy find with a lot of play time!!!

I’m always amazed at the level of dedication in the dogs and the people, especially my students who go out on the searches with me. It was a lot of miles and a lot of gator aid.

The view


I am a wild one

Frank, Raina, Emeline, Abby

I have been absent for many months, but have no doubt the dogs have been busy!!! Life has thrown a few curve balls but I’ve managed to hit everyone, and i think i even scored a home run.

Many have thrown around the description “Tenacious”  lately to label my atheltic drives, stubborn bullheadedness, and desire to get what i want and need accomplished……….i guess it is a lot easier to say 🙂 Regardless i know who i am, and i am a perfect reflection of my canine companions, tenacious but still sweet and loving.

The year is 2012 and my goals remain the same, train dogs, save lives, and teach humans how to have the ultimate relationship with their canine companions through communication, consistency, and mutual respect. I hope your ready for a tenacious summer ❤