The storms roll in and the search continues

This last week has been rough, we lost power for over 72 hours and it was HOT!! The dogs toughed it out good but mom and dad were none to happy. We spent friday moving a friend of ours and Emeline, Raina, and Abby joined us in the truck all morning and afternoon. It was better then being stuck in the hot house!! The girls did great like usual and got a short walk around Oneonta as their reward. Saturday we searched the Chenango and Susquehanna rivers for the missing women from a recent car accident. The girls once again piled up in the truck and reluctantly watched their fellow team mate K9’s work, knowing in a few short months they will be certified and ready to roll!

Boat getting ready to go out

Sunday the search continued and if it was possible it got hotter! The wind was whipping good and the current was pretty strong but we did the job and covered much area around  both rivers.

This week is vacation week, and other then a Tuesday shift at the veterinary hospital and of course our weekly clients the week is all about the dogs!!!! (I know i know how is that really different from any other week???)

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