Positive training, pit bulls, and pride



The 3 P’s here bring up some very interesting controversy which i plan to cover over the next week. Probably one of the most controversial “dog topics” today is the battle of purely positive dog trainers with the rest of the world. What i think people don’t get is that everyone is really arguing the same point, but both have their heads stuck into their asses so far they cannot see it!

And as far as pit bulls go, well we know their heads have been buried in asses for years so honestly we can only chip away a little at a time!

Well pride made my list mainly because it was a P word……..no but really i see pride as one of the biggest faults in most dog trainers and one that definitely causes both the above P issues. A serious fault that leads to extremists on certain topics because the pride battle that is going on inside of them actually changes their focus and pushes it further and further to what they had started to believe was right. It’s like taking a ham sandwich and me saying, well it would taste better if it was ham and cheese, and you adamantly stating the only way to eat a ham sandwich is with ham, and while arguing with me adding on so much ham that the sandwich becomes a foot tall, and your pig supply has diminished just to overly prove your point that you are correct beyond measure and I am wrong.      *******But honestly did you believe in the first place the only way to eat a ham sandwich was with a foot of ham, or did your pride just push you to standing behind what you have already stood up for that you had to push it to extremes that didn’t make sense??? Hum sound familiar????

First and arguably most important will be our purely positive training dilemma. Stay tuned!!!