Aaaaand thats a wrap!

dc and dogs-9

As 2013 comes to a close i must stop and reflect on what the year has held for us and even more exciting is what 2014 has in store.

2013 brought us a newly certified trailing K9 Miss Emeline and an additional certification on Raina through IPWDA as well. It brought us 2 more certified therapy K9s Anna and Frank. It brought us two newly certified water recovery K9s with Raina and Max both passing on the same day. It also brought us the addition of Annecy to the pack and Diva to the program. I feel like 2013 brought us a lot of twos!!!!

As the sole handler and trainer of all the canine copilot dogs (with the exception of Max and Mia whom i assist in training plans but they are handled by my better half) I feel like 2013 has been just a glimmer of what i can achieve.

So with that 2014 will focus on the following.

-The A litter of vom Kugelblitz Kennels. This highly anticipated litter between Raina and Soren is going to bring us a some of the top SAR, IPO and Police dogs in New York State.

-Annecy as what we hope to be the first certified Airscent dog in New York State with a bark and hold indication.

-Annecy’s CGC, Therapy certification, narcotics certification and BH. vom Kugelblitz’s first Malinois has a lot to accomplish and we know this little girl can do it all. Please keep an eye out in 2015 for our B litter of malinois’s at vom Kugelblitz kennels.

-Soren’s therapy certification,BH, Show rating, and IPO1 come this spring. This boy will be busy between raising his offspring.

-Kamikaze’s therapy certification.

-Diva’s therapy certification, BH, airscent and HR certification.

– Mia’s CGC, and HR certification.

– Anna, Frank, Abby, Eme, Max, and Raina will all get to relax and take the year off, just performing there typical jobs on a daily basis (and Raina being a mom of course!)

and of course we will continue our rescue work with Life Long Tails helping local canines who cannot stay in their current homes and continue to maintain our roster of students for private and group training.

Keep an additional eye out on Allynwood Academy and the new CHAT(c) program that Jenn has been appointed training director of. Parts of 2014 will be traveling doing seminars on our breakthrough new Canine Human Attunement Training. We were able to give one presentation in North Carolina in 2013 as well as hold our first all day seminar in November at Allynwood, both of which where a huge success! Very excited about this new venture, and the ability to continue helping people develop the ultimate relationship with their canine copilots.

❤ so with that, we are ready to proceed to the last month of 2013 and ring in the new year!!

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