All teeth and flying fur

Annecy vom Kugelblitz

Annecy vom Kugelblitz

Annecy has developed into the biting Mali powerhouse i knew she would. My all purpose Malinois is making me proud! This girl has a long list of jobs to accomplish in the coming year. If all goes well and her hips and elbows come back she may become our foundation for vom Kugelblitz Malinois breeding program.  You don’t often see Malinois in the SAR world, a few in disaster and recovery work but a malinois in an airscent position is rare. We have one, Maxwell, so i know it can be done and takes a very special kind of mali. Annecy is working in the wilderness airscent role currently but with an interesting indication, she performs a bark and hold at the subject, till called off for a refind. The reasoning behind this long behavior chain is because we are not sure exactly what role Annecy will play in the future and we want both a disaster option or a wilderness option. Please enjoy a few photos from a recent drive building session


untitled-31 untitled-32 untitled-11 untitled-16 untitled-20 untitled-21 untitled-28

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