Its that time of year……….


Well Raina is currently in her month long lock and key lifestyle…….in other words she is in heat. It really isn’t that bad, she just isn’t allowed off leash (which kills her because she is never on leash to speak of) and we need to keep her brother Tank away from her when shes at work with me. Luckly Sören has no idea what is going on, though he will have no problem in 6 months when she goes in again figuring out why Max and Fugly are in love with Raina right now!!!

We take precaution for 3-4 weeks depending on how this cycle acts. It’s not worth a risk to my girl! Her heat cycle has been pretty consistent at January and July so if we do breed her i would use her January cycle and we would have summer pups, but we have awhile!

Needless to say the boys will spend the next month frustrated and I will have yet more laundry to wash every week than usual.

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