Where have you been

Abby displaying her ever growing commitment to me that i swear i do not deserve.

I ask myself many times a day, where have you been? Whether i’m questioning the students at school, the dogs and why they smell like dead road kill, myself when i realize 45 minutes have gone by and i’m still staring at the same spot on my kitchen wall. It makes no difference, the answer is always the same, checked out. If your not where you should be focusing on what will benefit you then you are checked out, plain and simple. For me checking out is a means of escape just like training my dogs but with little effort demonstrated. I don’t want my dogs to check out when they are working with me, why should i get to do the same? Every day i think they teach me a little bit more about myself then i know. All it really takes is an emotional situation, one glance down, and i get lost in their chocolate brown eyes that seem to only know 2 emotions, happiness, and extreme happiness. Happiness is of course you being their owner, but extreme happiness, well now thats you being their owner, coming home from work, and having a T-Bone steak for dinner with them!!!!!

Of course there is always that questions, where have you been, all my life?

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