Why dogs are as slick as butter

Canine manipulation at its best. “You will throw the toy, you will throw the toy………..”


Many people would like at that statement and go WHAT???!!!!!!!?????

But lets think about it rationally.

-They like to eat butter off the table

-They like to lick butter off your hands

-They like to squish their way into your heart and melt it…….. Ok so its a bit of a stretch but eh the title sounded good!

Today Raina woke up and stared at me for 45 minutes until it was breakfast time. Then after we got home from running our errands she stared at me again for another 2 hours till we went out and did obedience training. Yea shes real slick………….stare at mom enough and through osmosis she will provide for you exactly what you wish. In fact as i sit on the couch and write this she lays 4 feet away chewing on a bone, periodically staring at me in case she misses the flinch of body language that would mean we were doing something fun.

Slicker than your average

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