Rainy brainy

Raina 7 weeks old


Raina is my 12 month old German Shepherd. Her half sister (same father) is Emeline and her full sister from the previous litter is Abby.  I was the first person to touch her the second she was born, and i was honored enough to be her owner. Her career started out at 8 weeks when i brought her home. She was a pistol and the other dogs loved her. Emeline thought she was the best thing in the world, her very own puppy!!!

The past 10 months have gone by fast, i cannot believe my girl is a year old! Her worth ethic is amazing, the photos and video of her say it all. She is a proof positive that phenomenal breeding’s make amazing working dogs! She is just like her mother whom i fell in love with 3 years ago when i started search and rescue. She is disciplined, focused, full of hunt and prey drive, and loves everyone she meets. She is one of those dogs that just makes you look like a damn good trainer! Well i knew she was special, i knew she was capable, and i knew she was fast……i guess i just didn’t realize how much!

Raina took her final airscent test on Saturday November 5th in Rochester NY. Her assignment was to search 100 acres and locate 2 subjects. Typical time for K9 and handler is between 2-4 hours to clear the area and locate both subjects and typical age for K9 is 2-3 years. We had a tough one, a large open field with high and low points and many wooded areas whose elevation changed and consisted of swamps in some sections. We also had people walking, loose dogs, and kids fishing in the stream as it was a local park.  Raina’s age is 12 months, but that doesn’t hold her back at all, her total time was 62 minutes, she knew her mission and i trusted my dog.  We finished up that great day with her certifying in human remains as well. She is officially a dual purpose dog has just started a long and successful search career. Her testing is far from done though as we will have her certified by outside agencies to, just to show proof positive how good her, and all my girls are at their jobs!

Raina 12 months

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