A Life Long Tails Rescue weekend

This past weekend was spent with the Life Long Tails crew doing fundraising and Marshaling at the Dicks Open golf tournament.

Creature Comforts Adoption Day


Saturday Dougs Fish Fry from Cortland came down to do a fundraiser for us. They donated 10% from EVERY dollar they made!!!!! Dougs not only has great food but a great heart to thank you Dougs!!!! We also had a bake sale and adoption day in creature comforts the same day and Moonunit got a new home whoo hooo!!! We were lucky enough to see a bunch of our adopted dogs who came out to support us and say hi.

Fish fry and bake sale in the parking lot


It was a great day and we thank everyone who came out, supported us, and made donations. Without your help we couldn’t save more l ives!

Kitten for adoption!


Sunday a group of 10 of us marshaled holes 8 and 9 for the dicks open. It was a great experience and we were happy to give back to our community by helping out. I of course got hit in the head with a drive ball off the Tee. Ahhhh some things just never change!

A group of us with the sign that Dicks sporting goods donated for us!!!


Thank you to Dicks Sporting goods for donating the sign as well as our hats for the volunteers!! It was a fantastic time and you bet we will be there next year!!

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