Middle of nowhere

I feel like i’m in a warpzone, the time has just been flying by like crazy. Its almost april and i feel like the year should have just started. I can’t slow it down but i can make the most of it. I remember a few years ago i couldn’t wait to turn another year older, to be “an adult”  Well i’ve defiantly achieved adult status and i’d not mind to drop back a few years. I have so many things i need to achieve in the next few years that i better light up a fire and work double time!!

The dogs are all aging in their different ways and i stop and think about what each of them have achieved and what they still may want in life. Last week Snoopy managed to get some dog treats off the kitchen table……i now get a thorough inspection upon entry of the house and anything that gets placed on the table may, may ,may hold some yummies. Damn that natural reinforcement factor.  Ahhh well we can’t all have perfect dogs, we can only try to be perfect partners.

Eme's best bud

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