Pack visiting hours

Life Long Tails had a small meeting/get together sunday to go over some grant options and new programs we need to start. The pack was beyond thrilled to have an extra 8 laps to sit on. The advantage to being a dog behaviorist and owning a pack of 11 dogs most all from rescue situations is that i had the ability to mold and train them to enjoy the company of strangers in the house and still keep that calm air about them.  Its rare that you will find a pack of this many dogs in size and breed range of ours that can achieve the state of balance we have gotten.

We have just met you and WE LOVE YOU!!!









I have to say our guests were wonderful sports about the barrage of dogs that tackle you with kisses and barks when you walk in the door!! It can be very overwhelming if you do not have trust that I have a controlled pack.












The experience for both dogs and humans is great and from the feedback of the day i believe this will be at least a monthly occurrence. If interested in joining us and either helping with the rescue, hiding for the search dogs, or just gaining some confidence around a large pack of dogs this is your place!! Keep an eye on my blog and website for the schedule of events!

One cute cuddle session

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