Raina’s day

I love all my dogs, and i appreciate them all for each of there specific traits and behaviors even if it is the smelly farts my english bulldog gives off on a daily basis.   But my time spent with miss Raina is so much fun, she is so sweet and photogenic as well!


We took a hike alone to work on her focus and play and to test her dedication to over coming obstacles in her way. Her intensity was great and she always looks right at me when i ask for her focus.

What ma i'm balancing on top of the dirt mountain!











After mastering the dirt piles and range on the property we moved on to huge downed tree piles from the last logging.

Why are you on the other side of this??










We got a crazed look, then countless whines and barks growing louder and louder as i moved on and left her behind. 20 seconds later i turn around and capture this

Got it










Not gonna let anything hold her down! Now thats a SAR dog

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