My big girl!

Yesterday was a milestone day for my girl. Kara, I and our 4 dogs hit the state land across the street from her house. And we HIT IT HARD! I turned the GPS on and we started in, figuring we would shoot for the pond that kara can see from further down the rd. So off we venture taking pictures, talking dogs, and enjoying the day. We get out of the woods and follow the wet stream in, little did we know how wet we would actually get! The brush and water got so think we ended up crawling most of it, and the water so deep it was over our waste in many spots. We grabbed some large sticks and tested the depth before plunging in, of course sinking into the much another foot or two because of our weight sucked!! The dogs i must say did great and eme had to overcome SO many obstacles. She had to jump blindly into water and swim, had to travel through prickers, places where she couldn’t even see or feel me, muck and swamp so deep it was over her head and navigation that took us over an hour in little more then a quater of a mile.  Once we got out of the muck (and never made it near the pond) we hit the trails in the woods and ended up finding one that lead right in to the edge of the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well the dogs had fun, the pond still had deep swamp all around it, clark and eme were tired, covered in mud and smelled SO bad. I was a bloody, muddy mess and we all hit the shower when we got home.  Gotta give it to eme and her rock solid nerves and ability to do whatever i asked!

Eme's first swim!

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