And so she arrives!!!

This post is to introduce Ms Emeline Downeaster Alexa Vom Schutzburg Culver

She arrived wednesday afternoon after a trip up 17 from Olivebranch.  After the paperwork and pickup we headed over to her sister’s new home to visit and introduce cadeaver. A few head pops she stopped dead in her tracks and sought out that good smell and then tried to carry it off to home!! What a good HRD dog already!!!!

Once home we saw her personality come out over the next 12 hrs or so. She loves the other dogs and they her, it was the easiest introduction in the world! We headed over to a friends house who has a King shepherd a few weeks older and went on a hike in the woods, she did great going through streams over branches and down trees and ankle high in the mud!!

Thursday evening brought a romp in our woods with her boxer sister and younger GSD brother. We went about half a mile and she again amazed me with her style, grace, and determined ability to keep up. Her confidence is amazing and her drive to be with her pack immense.

Friday brought our first night walk, we introduced a collar with spotlight on it and took off for about 3/4 of a mile walk. The first part was all trails, getting her used to the lack of light. Kendal and Clark explored the sides of the trail and she went off once or twice about 10 feet from me to also explore but never stayed away longer then 40 seconds or so. We wrapped up the last part by delving into the woods and a few stumps gave her a whine or too but a quick praise once she made it over and she kept her tail high and a smile on her face.

Eme is amazing, she is already a perfect dog and with only 1 accident in the house how could she not be??

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