Spring time accomplishments

Things have been busy around EIK9, which is exactly how we like it!


We have had some great accomplishments over the last few weeks and cannot help but brag a little. Emeline our 3 year old GSD passed her International Police Working Dog Association Trailing test and is now a certified trailing K9. Way to go Eme!!! There is no rest for the weary though and Eme will continue to prove herself and complete the NYSFEDSAR trailing tests as well this summer. We will also brush her up in her cadaver skills.


Miss Raina took her International Police Working Dog cadaver test last minute with no preparation and passed with flying colors. Congrats Raina you are now an IPWDA certified cadaver dog!!! Most of Raina’s free time has been spent getting ready for her acting role in an upcoming horror movie.

Daily training in numerous canine fields leaves little time for posting and updating but we will try and chip away a little at a time!

Any questions or if you are interested in any training EIK9 has to offer please contact us below!