Emeline and her first river crossing trail

I had to try to work on Eme and her trailing work around water before the weather changed. We built up to our first cross the river trail last week and she did great. The basic concept of trailing through shallow water was introduced in the weeks prior with short hot trails through up to 2 feet of rivers and streams. For her first swift water river cross our subject started on land and laid a trail to a point on the shore he entered the water, then fighting the tough current of the Delaware river swam across to Pennsylvania. Eme gave me perfect negatives down both shores and then made the decision to enter the water and “taste” her subjects scent across. Half way through she seemed a little confused especially once we hit the swifter water and began to drift out of his scent a little. The subject emerged and swam to us giving Eme the boost and connection she needed to understand how this moving water trail worked. Enjoy!