Sören’s first exposure to gunshots

Sören sleeping upside down!

As part of Sören’s training and desensitization he needs to be stable in ALL environments and be neutral to loud noises including gunshots. The weekend brought a perfect opportunity to get him and his sister around not only a lot of other dogs and people but gunfire to. The first few shots that went off were hand guns, mostly 9mm and we stayed about 10 feet behind the shooter. Once we moved verified no issues the shooter got out the AK-47.  Below are a few videos, not great quality but you hear the loudness of the gun and you see his reaction which is either nothing or a bit inquisitive. His ears never pin back, he never gets scared, or displays any body language that worries me at all. Stable nerves, stable dog, good German Shepherd breeding!

Many people firmly believe that gun shyness is a genetic trait, I am not going to argue that one way or another but i defiantly know their are some things you just cannot acclimate a dog to whether they have noise sensitivity or not.  I was extremely careful to make sure i picked the right situation, right age, right time, and had complete control of the situation before exposing both puppies to gunfire. Whats that saying again????? Prior planning prevents piss poor performance!!!!!