Eme’s overnight 13 hour old soaking wet trail

Eme is pink Our subject is blue 13 hours old

Eme is pink
Our subject is blue
13 hours old

Last night we did a quick hot trail for Eme as i had to deploy her in the morning for 2 runaway kids. She gave me a negative all around the perimeter of the school, and she was correct as the kids were hiding on campus no where near where we had checked. So as her reward later in the day she got a nice fun hot trail!

And then of course i decide to squeeze in laying a track last evening to motivate myself to be up early and run today. And well it worked!! Beth was my subject and i dropped her and Jaime off with basic instructions. Just as the rain started pouring down around 1830 they had moved out of the woods and were heading in quickly. They finished laying the track at 1842 and we left.

6am this morning came quick and just before the girls went to get into place Eme and i were dropped off at our starting road. Figuring our trail was 1.25 miles it would take us at least 20 minutes to scent it all out and run it (yes i said run as in the pace we move, Eme does NOT walk her trails)  22 minutes on the dot we were up at the subjects location and Eme happily indicated (barked at her subject that she was scented on) and proceeded to eat her steak and play with her ball. Success before 730am i think so!!!!


Eme is a certified trailing K9 through International Police Working Dog Association  (IPWDA)

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