Wait what is it really that you want me to do mom????

Sören has a dual job, one that fits him just as good as his IPO work. This boy is like a finely tuned machine………..all oiled and greased (requiring of course weekly bathes)  and ready to the job i decide needs to be done that day. The genetics of this fine young stud (or so he thinks as Raina stares adoringly at him in his crate for an unbeknownst reason to him) allow him to excel in whatever venue i see fit, now THAT folks is the total German Shepherd Dog. When he’s off hes off, and when hes on, holy shit you better watch out because HE IS ON!

Ready to work on command

Ready to work on command

“The man who rears a dog must complete what the breeder began.”

~Captain Max von Stephanitz

Not only good words about dogs in general but amazing words coming from the father of German Shepherd dogs themselves. I know all my dogs have a little of me in them, if they had been owned or handled by someone else their genetics mixed with that handler would have altered them in development in some way different then with me. This can be good and it can be bad, and i have seen both with my dogs. Spend an hour with my 4 shepherds and you can conclude one major trait that i poses, i’m a workaholic as are they.

So for Sören it’s really no big deal to put on the search vest and “GO SEARCH” when commanded, or put on his agitation harness and work on his bite and protection work, or watch me grab the treat pouch and get ready to do some obedience, or even hit the scent pad and do a little tracking. This boy is ready and waiting, literally for my every command, and he will preform with gusto!

working ground scent prior to indication

working ground scent prior to indication

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