Abigail New York State of Mind vom Französisch Wald- Therapy dog

Abby with her official badge.

Well it was a bit of a road to travel, I have never certified a therapy dog before and Abby was the first i decided to work at it. She is naturally a sweet girl, with the personality to match that of a therapy dog. She has been working with the kids for more then a year at the school and is always a welcomed canine in all the offices. So if she is already doing the job why not make it official?

Thats just what we did! I am please to announce Abigail New York State of Mind vom Französisch Wald certified wildnerness airscent, human remains detection, water HRD, CGC, THD,    Certified Bright and Beautiful therapy dog, through one of only 5 nationally recognized therapy dog organizations.

Abby’s certificate

Interested in training a therapy dog??? Elite Instinct Canine can help! We will get you evaluated, and if you pass ready and prepped for the Canine Good Citizen, walk you through all the training necessary for a therapy dog certification and then help you fill out all the paperwork and after 50 vistits you can get your therapy dog title from the AKC! Contact us today eliteinstinctcanine@gmail.com

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